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Malik Ac Repair realized the fact that because they are out of the house for the whole day, their wives took care of all the service & repair issues.

Home appliance repair services at considered able cost. We are most appropriate suggestion for your repair services. We undertake repairs to faults or fitting replacement of appliance parts with the experienced professionals, which is further backed by a guarantee of quality of the work. Our services are undertaken with a safety testing and tagging compliance with the standards of manufacturer.

Our Services


AC Installation

Either it be your new AC or old AC, it needs real expertise and care to install the machine.

Ac Repair

If your air conditioning is blowing warm air or not working at all it's time to call in the experts.
Kitchen Cookware

Ac Servicing

You would want to breathe fresh clean air and stay at your desired cooling temperature.
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To keep your worries at bay, opt for the Malik Ac Repair AMC which will ensure..
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AC Gas Refill

Freon – the technical name of the gas refrigerant in the AC – with time gets depleted and needs
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Fridge Repair

You are looking for help with fridge repair, then you've come to the right place. At Wise fridge Repair
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Washing Machine

Your Washing Machine is a faithful machine that makes your laundry neat and clean.
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Old Ac Sale Purchase

Are you looking for Old Ac Sale Purchase & AC on Rent Call us we will do it for you.